06/27/2017 A Letter from the Attorney / Owner Ronald Kingsley

Dear Lake County Resident:

This year, we have all seen the significant impact property taxes have had on Illinois residential and commercial property owners. Moreover, the media continues to cover historic Lake County property tax events. One event not yet covered, however, is the fact that, in 2016, according to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the average sales price of a home in Lake County increased by a paltry 1.82%. However, the Lake County Assessor’s website indicates that, for 2017, the average assessed value will likely increase approximately 5.9%. While the MLS’ increase doesn’t include commercial properties, and the county’s does, the 4% differential indicates that, once again, the county is “off base”. The only way to bring your 2017 assessed value down to where it should be is with a property tax appeal.

Many others have joined us in our fight against high property taxes. I know that you have options when it comes to filing your tax appeal. I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage you to entrust our team to bring you property tax justice. Our success is the best reason to entrust us…In 2016, Lake County Appeal filed over three times as many successful appeals as our closest competitor, and we had a 63% success rate on appeals to Lake County.

I also urge you to get more involved in local spending decisions to help control the tax rate. Attend school board, village, township and county meetings where spending decisions are made to ensure that no spending is wasteful. Your property taxes are most likely to decrease the most when budgets are reduced.

Lake County Appeal looks forward to working with you in 2017. We know what it takes to reduce property tax bills and are ready to help you fight to keep what is rightfully yours!

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or comments.


Ron Kingsley

Attorney at Law

Masters of Laws in Taxation

Phone: 847 790-7400 Email: RonK@LakeCountyAppeal.com