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Property Tax Reduction

Lake County Appeal was formed to help Lake County property owners successfully appeal and significantly lower their property taxes.  

Our goal at Lake County Appeal is for every client to be fairly and equitably assessed, thereby limiting their property tax liability. Property taxes pose a significant cost to the home and commercial owner.  We strive to lower these costs and put more money back where it belongs, in your pocket.

Our legal team handles all aspects of the appeal, including in-depth research, data and evidence gathering, case preparation and appeal submission, along with tax attorney representation.

Lake County Appeal has helped homeowners and commercial property owners since 2007. Lake County Appeal, last year alone, won over 700 appeals more than our closest competitor. This resoundingly positions Lake County Appeal ahead of all other property tax appeal firms in Lake County, IL.

The Assessment Review Process 

Lake County Appeal is an Illinois law firm that is the most successful property tax appeal firm in Lake County, as we win more tax appeals in Lake County, Illinois than any other firm! Lake County Appeal has lowered market values for our clients by over $500,000,000! Our attorney, together with our team of analysts and Realtors, uses proprietary software and other digital tools to ensure that your appeal is as strong as possible. 


The first step in the appeal process is the assessment review. During an assessment review, a team of LCA real estate brokers first places a property tax valuation on your property, which is then cross-checked by LCA’s head researcher.  Subsequently, LCA’s tax attorney / owner, who also holds a Master of Laws in Taxation, reviews the documentation and determines if an appeal is warranted. If it is warranted, we automatically file your appeal and do everything else necessary, including all administration, documentation, hearings and communication with the county. 

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