Do You Know The Value Of Your Home?

Written By,  Jill Odzer – Lake County Appeal – Commercial Analyst


Do you know what your home is worth and that there are several legal approaches to saving money on your property taxes?  When you hire Lake County Appeal, our job is to convince the Board of Review that your property is over-assessed.  The National Taxpayer’s Union estimates that 30-60 percent of properties across the country are over-assessed.  I would argue that in Illinois the percentage is higher.  Let us help you win the fight for property tax justice!


Since 2007, we have reduced the market values of properties by over $500 million.  Lake County Appeal is the most successful property tax appeal firm in Lake County.


How we can help you…

Your outdated kitchen and leaky shower are golden to us!  We love to include negative house condition photos with appeals.  Is your house located on a busy street?  Or maybe your house backs up to a major thoroughfare?  This information is invaluable!  Anything that negatively impacts your property assists us in lowering your property taxes.


The lower the assessment, the lower the tax a homeowner pays.  Just by reading this newsletter, you are more knowledgeable than the average person.  I believe that the assessors try to do a good job, but the property owner is the one ultimately responsible for knowing that everything on the assessment record is correct.


What to do?  Here’s a checklist:


  1. Lake County property owners should go to and enter their PIN (Property Identification Number) to ensure that the information the assessor has is correct.
  2. Sign-up for an assessment review with Lake County Appeal at  Though most property owners can appeal on their own, why wouldn’t you hire a professional?  I equate the small up-front fee to having my furnace check-up in the fall.  I could learn how, but I find it money well-spent.
  3. Don’t miss your deadline!  We have opened for the 2018 season.  Once your blue assessment notice is released (not when you receive it), there are 30 days to have LCA review the assessment and possibly appeal for you.  Pay close attention to your mail and our e-mail updates.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for every property you and your family own—personal, rental, retail or commercial.


Final thought…

I once met a man who had been paying for 14 years for a basement he didn’t have!  We don’t want this to happen to you.  We look forward to helping you win the fight!


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