How does the appeal process work?

We handle everything for you from beginning to end.

The contract that we email back to you is your acknowledgment that we are in receipt of your information.

Assessment Review:

  1. A team of LCA real estate brokers places a property tax valuation on your property.
  2. The property tax valuation is cross-checked by LCA’s Head Researcher.
  3. LCA’s tax attorney owner reviews and determines if an appeal is warranted.
    1. If so, your appeal is filed, including all administration, documentation, hearings and communication with the county.
    2. Savings from a successful appeal will be split between LCA and the property owner. Property owner’s share: 62.5%  LCA’s share: 37.5% (only the first year’s savings!)

You will be contacted by email or, if you do not have email, by mail to let you know that the appeal has been filed.

In the event that the County Board of Review denies our appeal, or if it doesn’t reduce your property’s assessed value as much as we believe it should have, we will file another appeal with the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board at no additional charge to you.

Findings from the County Board of Review are not released until late winter.

*Important Note: Your township assessor will, traditionally, publish your new property tax assessment between April and September. Until we have all of the necessary information from the county and your township, we cannot finish our research. As soon as the information is available, Lake County Appeal will proceed with your assessment review.