How much does LCA charge?

Our tax attorney owner and his team of highly experienced real estate brokers work together using our proprietary software to determine whether your property is fairly assessed. Since we use so many resources during the review process, we collect a nominal fee* to maintain the integrity of the assessment review. If we find the property valuation to be unfair, we file the appeal at no additional cost. If the appeal is successful, we will collect 37.5% of the first year’s tax savings, while you retain the remaining 62.5%, as well as 100% of any subsequent years’ tax savings. (Note that tax savings end when the quadrennial assessment period ends.)


*Fee Structure

RESIDENTIAL: To review the property tax assessment on a single-family home, condominium, townhome or duplex, Lake County Appeal charges a one-time fee of only $65.

COMMERCIAL, INDUSTRIAL and MULTI-FAMILY: The up-front fee to review the property tax assessment of your commercial, industrial or multi-family property is a one-time charge of only $65.

MULTIPLE PROPERTIES: Call us today at (847) 790-7400 to have us review the assessments of multiple properties. We will inform you of the up-front fee.