Once I sign up, how long until I know the results of my assessment review?

The contract that we email back to you is your acknowledgment that we are in receipt of your information. Soon after, our legal team will begin the process of creating our own preliminary valuation.

We then must wait for your township assessor to publish your new property tax assessment so that we can complete our review. This traditionally has occurred between April and September.

Please be aware that much of the waiting process is due to the “red tape” at the county and township assessors’ offices. Until we have all of the necessary information from the county and your township, we cannot finish our research.

As soon as the information is available, Lake County Appeal will proceed with your assessment review and file an appeal, if warranted. YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY ABOUT ANY DEADLINES…Lake County Appeal will always keep you on track!

The official Notice of Findings from the County Board of Review is not released until late winter.