First Installment of Property Tax Bills Due June 3

With the initial payment of your property taxes due Wednesday June 3, Lake County has developed a number of tools to help property owners gain more knowledge about their tax bills, look at their current bills and also view prior bills.Tax tour

Taking a random sampling of a residential property tax, about 8% goes to Lake County, about 66% goes to schools and pensions, 4.8% to libraries, 5.7% City or village, 2.47% to Forest preserve, 1% to township, the remaining 12% is misc.  Each township will be a bit different in how they allocate the taxes they collect.

Although you will only receive one bill that arrived sometime in May, your first payment is due June 3, your second payment of your property tax bill is due in September.

Lake County has a number of on-line tools to see how your tax bill is allocated.  You can get the specifics on your tax bill by taking the new Lake County interactive Property Tax Tour .  it will give you an exact breakdown of your tax bill and the how it is allocated for your property.

Along with this bill breakdown, they have a frequently asked questions section. You can also visit Lake County’s budget portal to see how Lake County distributes it’s portion of your tax bill.

Options for paying your Property Tax

Official Website: Lake County Treasurer, Property Tax Payments
U.S. Mail – Your property tax bill came with an envelope.  Use that and make sure it is postmarked on or before June 3rd to avoid penalties.  Additional mailing information can be found at  Lake County Payments By Mail

Here’s other options for paying your bill:

  • In person at the Lake County Treasurer’s Office, 18 N. County Street by cash, check (payable to County Collector) or with credit card (Master Card, Visa & Visa Debit, Discover). An added fee of 2.15% is charged to each credit card transaction and $3.95 for Visa Debit.
  • Online payments can be made with credit cards.  An added fee of 2.35% is charged to each credit card transaction; this fee is added and collected by a third party credit card processing company.  This fee will be shown separately from your tax amount on your credit card statement.  Absolutely no additional funds are provided to any taxing district from these transactions.  When using this option, please make sure your line of credit covers the tax payment amount as well as the additional fee.
  • E-check online cost is $1.00 per transaction, maximum of $50,000.00, including fee.
  • By phone with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Phone # 1.877.690.3729, Jurisdiction code # 7021 will be needed to complete transaction.
  • Automatic withdrawal from checking or saving account, application must be completed and received by the treasurer’s office 14 days prior to the 1st installment.
  • Payments can be made at most Lake County local banks. Banks will accept payments from the day the bills are released through the 2nd installment due date.
  • Two drop box locations are open 24 hours a day for your convenience. The boxes are open from the day the bills go in the mail through the 2nd installment due date.
  • E-banking: Those that pay their bills through their local bank’s website should be aware that these payments do take additional time to be received and posted.  It is extremely important that you add your Property Index Number to that record so the payment can be properly posted.

Additional information can be found at Lake County Treasurer

Visit the treasurer’s website at Lake County Treasurer for more information, including billing history, property tax exemptions, and more.