Fraternal Organizations, Property Tax Exemptions, Lake County, Illinois

Some Fraternal Organizations can also receive Lake County property tax exemptions.  Links to the PTAX-766 forms are included here. These exemptions lower the equalized assessed value of your Lake County property.

Fraternal orders

How do you qualify?

A fraternal organization or its affiliated Illinois not-for-profit corporation chartered prior to 1920 must

  • own and use real property,
  • be an exempt entity under IRC Section 501(c)(2), (c)(8), or (c)(10), and
  • consist of members who provide, directly or indirectly, financial support for charitable works, such as medical care, drug rehabilitation, or education.

Additional information on the exemption can be found on the application.

Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze Application
Application and Affidavit for IRC 501 (c)(2), (c)(8) or (c)(10) Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze.