Half Of Property Tax Payments Deferred By 60 Days In Lake County

The Lake County Board voted to allow taxpayers to divide their property tax bills into four installments because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


WAUKEGAN, IL — A divided Lake County board voted Tuesday to extend property tax deferrals to all taxpayers rather than limiting the relief to operators of non-essential businesses and some qualifying laid-off employees. Instead of the usual two installments, taxpayers will be able to spread their payments over four installments without having to pay late fees.

The first installment of property tax bills is due on June 8. Under the new plan, only half of the first payment will be due at the time. The other 50 percent is due by Aug. 7. Likewise, the second installment, which had been due Sept. 8, now will not be considered late until Nov. 9. All Lake County taxpayers are set to receive notice from the treasurer’s office about the deferred payment plan through the mail in about two weeks.


But the original plan presented to the board by Finance and Administrative Committee Chair Paul Frank, a Highland Park Democrat, did not extend relief to all taxpayers. Instead, it required residents to declare under penalty of perjury that they had lost their job after March 9 after being employed for at least 90 days — or that they operate a shuttered “non-essential” business and have not received federal aid. It also excluded commercial property owners by requiring a homeowners’s exemption.