Housing prices–recovered from ’05?

Information from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy was used to drive an analysis of home sale prices and their changes from 1997 thru 2014  According to the data, prices seemed to have reached their peak in ’05-’07., obviously, major US cities have had varying degrees of price growth after the housing bubble.  Howmuch.net’s blog provides some insight into the numbers and has developed an animated map showing pricing changes in average home values across numerous US cities.us houses

Have Home Prices Reached their Pre-Crisis Peak?

Article by howmuch.net   27 August 2015  In a previous blog post we covered the rising cost of land in the US from 1975 to the present day. But since land value is only one component of total home value, we decided to follow up with a new blog post on the total value of U.S. homes (including both structure and land costs) over the past 30 years.As before, we used data from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy to create the animated map below, which showcases the changes in average home values between 1985 and 2014 by metro area. For most metro areas, home prices seem to have peaked in 2005-2007 – right before the housing bubble popped

Source: Have Home Prices Reached Their Pre-Crisis Peak?