Written By Jill Odzer – Lake County Appeal, Commercial Analyst


When should I do something about my high property taxes? 

NOW!  We recommend that clients hire Lake County Appeal (LCA) when they are thinking about property taxes…in the spring when they receive their property tax bill for the prior year or when they make their first property tax payment. 2022 appeal deadlines are already happening. 

Property taxes are something that most owners only think about when they receive or have to pay their property tax bill.  The county has a specific deadline for filing appeals.  

Tax rates are up.  Despite that, one way to reduce your tax bill is by contacting your township assessor if you find errors when you review your property information at https://tax.lakecountyil.gov/search/commonsearch.aspx?mode=realprop.  You definitely should look at the building and land information and exemption history.   

What does LCA do to lower my taxes? 

Our team begins with an assessment review to determine the correct property value.  LCA has developed a proprietary database to assist in the process. 

Next, an attorney reviews the documentation and determines if an appeal is warranted.  If so, LCA files the appeal, completes all administrative documentation, and communicates with the county. 

If LCA is not satisfied with the outcome of the county-level appeal, we will continue to work for you by appealing to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (“PTAB”) in Springfield.  And we charge nothing extra for a successful PTAB appeal. 

How do I know if LCA has filed a successful appeal? 

Lake County Appeal’s primary method of communication is email.  When LCA has any updated information, we will let you know.   

If you have not heard from our office or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (847) 790-7400 or info@LakeCountyAppeal.com. 

Will I receive a refund if the appeal is successful? 

The short answer is, that depends.   

If Lake County Appeal is successful with the county-level appeal, then the next tax bill you receive will be calculated using a lower assessment, and a refund will not be necessary.  This is because in Illinois we pay our property taxes in arrears; in 2022 we pay the 2021 tax liability. 

If LCA files an appeal with PTAB, then you will likely receive a refund check because it usually takes two years for PTAB to rule on the appeal.  If PTAB does rule quickly, the county sends a revised property tax bill, and no refund check is needed. 

We are here for you.  Please contact us by email or phone.  We try to respond within 24 hours.