Lake County Appeal attorney invited for input at Lake County Assessor’s Office

Lake County Appeal attorney invited for input at Lake County Assessor’s OfficeRon

PR Release  June 17, 2015  Frank Moriarty

Ron Kingsley, attorney and owner of Lake County Appeal, will be attending an exclusive meeting with Lake County’s chief assessment officer on Friday, June 19th to discuss the upcoming quadrennial reassessment, along with the 2015 appellate process and guidelines.

Due to the 2015 quadrennial reassessment, it is anticipated that there will be a record number of property tax appeals in 2015.  Nearly all of the schools, municipalities, pensions and other taxing bodies throughout Lake County, Illinois desire increased allocations of the taxes generated by property tax assessments.  That property tax burden, allocated among the townships and reflected in varying property tax rates, has proven a challenge to many property owners.

Lake County Appeal has consistently won the most property tax assessment appeals in Lake County. As such, the meeting will include a discussion of protocol for handling the anticipated high volume of appealed assessments.

Lake County Appeal is a law firm that concentrates its practice in commercial and residential property tax appeals. We work to obtain fair and equitable property assessments on our client’s behalf.  Lake County Appeal has years of experience in obtaining commercial and residential property tax reductions.

Our legal team handles all aspects of the appeal, including in-depth research, data and evidence gathering, case preparation and appeal submission, including tax attorney representation. We continue to be the most successful property tax appeal firm in Lake County.