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As the founder of Lake County Appeal, Lake County’s most successful property tax appeal firm, I am excited to introduce you to the new owner of the company. When Ron Kingsley purchased Lake County Appeal at the end of January 2014, he asked me and all of my staff to remain with the company. I am happy to report that each of my employees, with all of their experience and expertise, have agreed to stay and will continue to provide the excellent service you have come to expect from Lake County Appeal. Please continue reading to learn more about Ron Kingsley.


Curtis E. Perlman
Director of Key Accounts

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I am very fortunate to own Lake County Appeal, Lake County’s most successful property tax appeal firmSM , because I work alongside the exact same professional staff that you undoubtedly also admire for their dedication to our clients.

Ron Kingsley
Ron Kingsley

I have spent the past 29 years practicing various sub-specialties of tax law, including real estate taxation, and I have represented innumerable clients under IRS audit. This representation has prepared me well for representing Lake County Appeal’s residential and commercial clients in their fight to reduce the assessed values of their properties. This work is consistent with my fervent belief that our wasteful government should reduce, rather than increase, its tax “stranglehold” on its citizens. In order to further Lake County Appeal’s commitment to Property Tax JusticeSM, Lake County Appeal now has a separate division dedicated to commercial property appeals.

I have resided in Lake County for 21 years and presently live in Long Grove with my wife, Nancy. Nancy and I love to travel, play tennis and take long walks, especially along the shores of Lake Michigan.

I look forward to helping you to achieve Property Tax Justice!


Ron Kingsley

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