Route 53; Extend it into Lake County?

Route 53 has been an issue here in Lake County for over 50 years, some opposed, others can’t wait for it to arrive.  The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority is the eventual decision maker, but others are petitioning on both sides of the roadway dilemma…what do we do to ease traffic here in Lake County?.53

Route 53 extension opponents rally to convince residents in person

Article by Mark Zawislak, Lake County Daily Herald, 8/19/2015  Original Article

As Hawthorn Woods Mayor Joe Mancino outlined the history and village concerns about a proposed Route 53 extension for about 300 interested observers during a town-hall meeting Monday, a much smaller contingent waited patiently outside.

Members of Livable Lake County, a Grayslake-based group that is accelerating its “Stop the Route 53 tax hike” campaign, were seeking signatures on post cards to send to Gov. Bruce Rauner. That followed a stint a few weeks ago where the group doubled expectations by collecting about 1,000 signatures at its booth at the Lake County Fair.

There’s also an online petition. But the emphasis has been on face-to-face contact ahead of an eventual decision by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority on whether to proceed to preliminary engineering and an environmental impact study in the revived push for the controversial road and associated improvements to Route 120.

“We’ve been trying to do in-person petitioning. We’re finding the public is uninformed about the issue,” said Barbara Klipp, a Grayslake resident and one of the group organizers. “Anything that’s related to Route 53, we try to go.”    continued

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