What Can I Do to Fight Back?


Written By Jill Odzer,
Lake County Appeal Commercial Analyst


The property tax bill comes, and we all feel angst. In the year of Covid-19, protesting, rioting, and an upcoming election that continues to be very contentious, you may feel as though you need to take some control. Like many, I have felt a need to find something I can control. I have found this in maintaining my daily routine, cooking (though I am very tired of that!), exercise and keeping in touch with my family and friends. I’m ready for more!

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard from clients, “If the assessor thinks my house is worth $XXX, then they can buy it!” If you are reading this newsletter, then you are ready to take some control. I see several options:

  • Hire Lake County Appeal for an assessment review.  Our staff of Realtors, analysts, and attorneys reviews  EVERY file for a possible appeal.
  •  Consider an appraisal.  Although the staff at Lake County Appeal is the best (I really do believe that!), we are not valuation experts.  Only a licensed appraiser is allowed to make certain types of adjustments based upon your property’s unique characteristics, and only a licensed appraiser will visit your property, take pictures of it, etc.  An appraiser has rigorous training, and, generally, an appraiser’s valuation stands up before the Board of Review.
  • If you are ready for more, attend public meetings to approve the budgets of the various taxing bodies within the county.  They usually occur in January. 
  • Get involved in your local government. I am a numbers person, so I like looking at budgets and numbers.  Most of this is public or can be requested.  Perhaps you may want to attend a village/town/city hall meeting or a school board meeting or run for an elected position.  My opinion is to go for it! and
  • VOTE.  My final advice is to listen to what is happening in our country and let your voice be heard.  The news is generally filled with the chaos of our world.  Protesting, social media, etc. is all well and good, but voting can put the people with the convictions to make the changes our state and country needs into office. 

I would love to hear what you are doing to take control.  Send me a message at JillO@LakeCountyAppeal.com.