Written by Ron Kingsley, LCA Tax Attorney and Owner 


Understandably, around this time every year, clients frequently ask Lake County Appeal (“LCA”) when they will receive their blue assessment notices. No one wants to miss receiving theirs because, if there are grounds to file an appeal, the appeal must be filed within 30 days of the date on the blue assessment notice. After the 30-day period, nothing can be done to try to reduce this year’s property tax bill, which is payable next summer. 

Recently, I called the Lake County Assessor’s office to ask when the blue assessment notices will be released, and they gave me an answer which, frankly, surprised me due to its lack of specificity: “sometime between July and September”. 

As soon as they are released, LCA will be ready to begin reviewing your new assessment to bring you property tax justice© . However, if our staff is inundated, we will have to turn potential clients away. 

If you haven’t already done so, LCA recommends that clients sign-up for a 2023 assessment review now for several reasons: 

  1. As this is the first year of the four-year reassessment cycle, we expect to file twice as many appeals as we filed in 2022. If our staff is inundated with assessment reviews, LCA will close to clients who have not yet signed up; 
  1. If you are reading this article, you are thinking about taxes and assessment reviews/appeals. Be certain to hire LCA  NOW so you do not forget; and 
  1. If you miss the blue assessment notice when it arrives, you will not have any recourse to potentially save money on your 2023 property tax bill (payable in 2024). 

Click  HERE  to sign-up for a 2023 LCA assessment review.