When Will My Blue Assessment Notice Arrive?

By Lake County Appeal – 8/6/19

2019 assessment notices have not yet been released.  First notices (Antioch Township) will be released on 8/16/19, with most others to follow in September.  Lake County Appeal (LCA) is ready to begin reviewing your new assessment to bring you property tax justiceSM !

Wondering why these dates are so different from last year? The Lake County Assessor’s office is in the process of implementing an updated website and on-line appeal filing process. The good news is that the website will contain considerably more information for taxpayers. The bad news is that the implementation is significantly delaying the publication of the 2019 blue assessment notices and, consequently, the appeal deadlines for this year. 


If you haven’t already done so, LCA recommends that clients sign-up for a 2019 assessment review now for several reasons:

  1. As this is the first year of the four-year reassessment cycle, we expect to file almost double the amount of appeals than we filed in 2018. If our staff is inundated with assessment reviews, LCA will close to clients who have not yet signed up;
  2. If you are reading this article, you are thinking about taxes and assessment reviews / appeals. Be certain to hire LCA NOW so you do not forget; and
  3. If you miss the blue assessment notice when it arrives, you will not have any recourse to potentially save money on your 2019 property tax bill (payable in 2020).

Click  HERE  to sign-up for a 2019 LCA assessment review.