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Kevin Campbell
Kevin Campbell
17:17 13 Nov 19
I have worked with Lake County Appeal for many years and have had success many times in realizing a reduction in the assessed valuation of my home. I always turn to Lake County Appeal in order to determine if my property might realistically be eligible for a reduction in the assessed more
Lee Campbell
Lee Campbell
22:06 12 Nov 19
Ron has helped us twice in the past with tax appeals - both times successfully. He has been extremely responsive and professional. Highly more
14:41 04 Nov 19
As a well respected attorney myself, I see to work with those that have a similar work ethic and result oriented. I have received BUT those criteria from Lake County Appeal. Responsive, provide results each and every time. I am solicited by many for this service so unless there is a nuclear strike that takes me out, I'm staying with Lake County Appeal!! And telling my friends, clients and fellow more
Ted Moorman
Ted Moorman
09:55 26 Oct 19
I wholeheartedly endorse Lake County Appeal in its efforts to bring tax fairness to local property owners subject to property taxes. Many real estate properties are over-assessed, some grossly. I pay particular attention to my properties owned by my real estate business in Shields and West Deerfield townships in Lake County. For the past several years I have used Attorney Ron Kingsley's Lake County Appeal to review the assessments on my eight local single family homes in these townships. He has earned me significant savings by providing fairness to my assessments relative to other nearby properties! As a local official in Lake Forest responsible for setting tax rates for my neighbors I strive for fairness and transparency. Lake County Appeal provides it! Regards, Ted Moormanread more
elisa zusman
elisa zusman
02:56 26 Oct 19
Ron Kingsley and Lake County Appeal team are so great to work with. We appealed 3 years ago and they successfully reduced our taxes significantly. Once again I reached out and Ron called me within 24 hours to guide me in the next step. It’s so easy. They do all the work with a nominal fee and payment contingent on success. I can not recommend Ron and his team more more
Dave S
Dave S
13:00 10 Oct 19
We have used LCA for several years. There initial fees are low but their service is top notch. Most years they were able to save us a great deal of money. We continue to use LCA each year for additional tax savings and have told our friends about the great service they more

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How can LCA help lower your property taxes with a property tax appeal?

Your taxes are determined by three factors: tax rate, state multiplier and property tax assessment. Our goal is to lower your property tax assessment in order to bring down your property tax.

Who should apply for an assessment review for appealing their property tax?

Anyone who owns property should make sure that their property is properly assessed. Otherwise, they may be paying too much property tax. 

How does the property tax appeal process work?

Once you're signed up with LCA, if we find that your property is unfairly assessed, we will file the appeal automatically. We will handle everything for you, from beginning to end. You can just sit back and relax while we keep you up-to-date on the whole process.

How  much does LCA charge?

For residential property, the initial review fee is $65.00  If we find that your property is unfairly assessed, we will file an appeal, free of charge. If the property tax appeal is successful, we charge 37.5% of the tax saving for the year of the appeal.

How do you determine my savings?

We determine your tax savings by taking your original assessment and subtracting your lowered assessment, after our successful property tax appeal, and then multiplying the difference by the tax rate set forth on your property tax bill. 

At Lake County Appeal, we possess the knowledge capital to win even the most challenging property tax appeals. Our tax appeal firm is comprised of local and experienced real estate analysts, brokers and legal advisors, all of whom utilize a plethora of resources, including a proprietary database.

Our property tax appeal team knows Lake County and Chicago as a whole. We have deep-rooted experience that spans across neighborhoods, schools and townships. Our strong relationships with county representatives and years working alongside the most stringent decision makers positions us ahead of the curve.

We will not file a property tax appeal solely based on a computerized algorithm. Rather, we will do so only with the oversight and knowledge of a trained real estate professional and tax attorney.

Start your journey to property tax justice today.