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Katie Wang
Katie Wang
15:47 27 Mar 21
We started working with Ron Dec 2019, a extremely busy season when many lake county residents were shocked by the unfair assessment. It was pretty difficult to find an attorney at that time. The firm we worked with before simply dropped all appeals from lake county leaving us 1-2 weeks before the due date. We were lucky to find Ron fighting for fairness for us (found his contact thru a letter to the neighborhood). Ron was super responsive. He recommended us a great appraisor in our first call. Three of us keep everyone on the same page being extremely transparent about the process (who need to do what as next step by what time). The whole process took a week and Ron filed our appealing 3-4 days prior to due date (which is pretty impressive with the volume and last min request). The first round county decision was disappointing. But in the same communication, Ron made it very clear that he'll continue fighting for us bringing the case to state review, even though it'll be a lengthy process, which really gave us a lot of positives at that moment. And he made it happen for us this year!! In addition, Ron also walked me through in details how to rollover the state decision to apply to 2020 tax bills, which save us a lot of time and money in the future. Highly recommend Lake County Appeal to someone looking for experienced and trustworthy partner fighting for justice and fairness and cares!!read more
Selim Erhan
Selim Erhan
23:22 16 Mar 21
It was my first time with Lake County Appeal. I did not have much hope but Mr. Kingsley was very supportive and professional. He helped me to prepare and was able to secure a significant decrease in my taxes. Their help came just in time. I am thanking them with my greatest more
Helen Heifets
Helen Heifets
22:47 16 Mar 21
We retained Lake County Appeal to appeal our exorbitant property taxes for 2019 and 2020. They did a great job! They ultimately won both appeals and got great results for us. I highly recommend this firm!read more
22:19 16 Mar 21
Lake County Appeal got our property taxes reduced by a lot and we'll be getting a refund. Ron Kingsley and his staff are great. Once I set up the account they did all the work. I'll be working with Lake County Appeal again. Highly recommended!read more
Kaye Lange
Kaye Lange
21:26 27 Feb 21
I have used Lake County Appeal for many years. Ron and his staff are always extremely helpful and always get my taxes reduced. For 2019 they had to go to the appeal Board, but were successful in getting me a VERY substantial refund and now are working to get this new assessment applied to 2020. They even told me how to structure the tax escrow when I sold my home with the appeal pending. Thanks, Ron. I will be sure to call when I buy my next more
Mitch McKay
Mitch McKay
14:12 18 Feb 21
This was a great experience. Lake County Appeal called and we talked. They explained everything and the process went fine. Thank you for helping me with my real estate more

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How can LCA help lower your property taxes with a property tax appeal?

Your taxes are determined by three factors: tax rate, state multiplier and property tax assessment. Our goal is to lower your property tax assessment in order to bring down your property tax.

Who should apply for an assessment review for appealing their property tax?

Anyone who owns property should make sure that their property is properly assessed. Otherwise, they may be paying too much property tax. 

How does the property tax appeal process work?

Once you're signed up with LCA, if we find that your property is unfairly assessed, we will file the appeal automatically. We will handle everything for you, from beginning to end. You can just sit back and relax while we keep you up-to-date on the whole process.

How  much does LCA charge?

For residential property, the initial review fee is $65.00  If we find that your property is unfairly assessed, we will file an appeal, free of charge. If the property tax appeal is successful, we charge 37.5% of the tax saving for the year of the appeal.

How do you determine my savings?

We determine your tax savings by taking your original assessment and subtracting your lowered assessment, after our successful property tax appeal, and then multiplying the difference by the tax rate set forth on your property tax bill. 

At Lake County Appeal, we possess the knowledge capital to win even the most challenging property tax appeals. Our tax appeal firm is comprised of local and experienced real estate analysts, brokers and legal advisors, all of whom utilize a plethora of resources, including a proprietary database.

Our property tax appeal team knows Lake County and Chicago as a whole. We have deep-rooted experience that spans across neighborhoods, schools and townships. Our strong relationships with county representatives and years working alongside the most stringent decision makers positions us ahead of the curve.

We will not file a property tax appeal solely based on a computerized algorithm. Rather, we will do so only with the oversight and knowledge of a trained real estate professional and tax attorney.

Start your journey to property tax justice today.